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We are proficiently offering impeccable quality Air Purifiers which are specially designed by our
professionals to meet the varied demands of our customers. Our Air Purifiers are appreciated
and approved in many segments including Operation Theater's, ICU's, Pharmaceutical, Laboratories,
Food Industry and Hotels. The air purification capacity of our sterilizer is 300 cu.ft. per minutes.

The Purifier manufactured by us purifies the air completely in six different stages, it increases the
level of oxygen by continuously decreasing carbon dioxide level through the process of ionization
ensuring healthy respiration. It has capacity to filters minute particles present in air upto 0.3 micron. The UV radiation present in it kills harmful micro organism and thus provides healthy & lively atmosphere.


  • Absorbs undesired odors
  • Removes irritants present in air
  • Absorb humidity
  • Checks the growth of fungus

The six stages involved in Air Filtration process are as follows:

1st Stage :

Carbon Grid Filter is activated

This is the main air filtering process in which active carbon granules along with special grid adsorbs the polluted air. Firstly, it absorbs all type of fumes, irritants, odors and unwanted gases to ensure passage of clean air. Secondly, it absorbs humidity to a large extent which discourages the growth of Fungi.

2nd Stage :

Semi Filter

An Polyester filter from USA carries out the process of filteration of dust particles upto the size of 5 microns.

3rd Stage :

Electro Static Precipitator

The Electro Static Precipitator is an electronic filter manufactured in compliance to International quality standards. The electrostatic charges and high voltage given out by this filter checks the bacteria of size 0.1 micron present in the air.

4th Stage :

Ultraviolet Radiation

The Ultraviolet Radiation of 256 nanometer wavelength is given out by 2 tubes with maximum penetration ability, this kills the bacteria present in the air. The radiation given out by these two tubes are so powerful that it bursts the cell walls of micro-organisms by making the reproduction chances impossible.

5th Stage :

High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance Filter

HEPA is a filter imported from J.C. Benzer of Germany which has a filter capacity of 99.97% of all suspended particulate matter (SPM) including bacteria upto the size of 0.3 micron.

6th Stage :

Air Charger

In the final stage of filtration the air is negatively charged by ionizing pins, the negatively charged ions present in the air kills the bacteria by promoting its natural decay rate from 27% to 87%.

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