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Air curtain 

We are offering a wide range of Air Curtains that are most effective in keeping out dust particles,
mites, insects, smoke, odors, and contrasting temperatures (warm/cold). These Curtains have
become the preferred choice of our customers in maintaining the quality of air in indoor premises.
The Air Curtains offered by us are much more effective in air-conditioned areas, these prevent the
warm air from entering inside and cold air from flowing outside.

The specifications of the Air Curtains manufactured by us are tabulated below:

  Motor   Continuous rating motor, class B insulation, robust design,   long life.
  Body construction

  Thicker gauge body, zero vibration and turbulence.

  Suction Grills
  Made from high gauge, high impact plastic. Unique radius grill design for maximum air suction.
   Noise Level   Lower sound levels
   External Finish Finished in Polyurethane surface of powder coated finish for longer life and corrosion resistance.


  • Prevents harmful gases and all kinds of pollutants from entering inside any premise
  • Maintains desired temperature within any indoor premises, hence effective in cutting down
    electric bill
  • High performance
  • East installation
  • Low power consumption

Other Information
  • Delivery Time: prompt
  • Packaging Details: As per requirement


Advantages Of “Thomson & Thomson” Air curtain.

. Lengthen air-con's life
. Keep cool air from escaping 
. Help save electricity

. Prevent air pollution, insects, dust, and fume from interfering with     production.   
. Trap cold air
. Save energy
. Stable environment for refrigerated goods

 Keep out:

. Heat
. Insects
. Dust

. Constant temperature
. Maintain product    condition
. Stable   environment

. Maintain uniform temperature throughout big room
. No condensation
. No frost
. Do not affect humidity
. No electrical hazard

. Keep out insects without using toxic chemicals
. Environment friendly
. Make home a cleaner and safer place

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